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Our client - let's call them "FoodMart", is a local grocery store.


They measure around 40k sq ft and they spend $55,400 annually just on electricity for their lighting. They decided to enroll in The SARIN Relief Project to help out their bottom line and boost their razor-thin margins.

Our team went out and inspected their property and determined they needed the following:


4ft Bulbs1.png

750 4ft Bulbs

Pole Light1.png

30 Pole Lights

Cooler Lights1.png

100 Cooler Lights

Wall Pack1.png

20 Wall Packs


After becoming SRP members and switching to LED, Foodmart saw their annual lighting budget plummet to only $22k!

This massive savings wasn't just from the bulbs themselves though - a large portion came from the lack of maintenance (we handle that) and the reduced heat load on the HVAC. Their AC simply didn't have to work as hard to combat the heat from the old lights anymore.



Traditional Lighting



The SARIN Relief Project has a monthly membership that covers your lights and maintenance. 

But, your savings more than pays for your membership!


Monthly maintenance and electricity savings from switching to LED



SARIN Relief Project

Membership cost

(based on lights replaced)

FoodMart's monthly net savings



And after 3 years of membership, our monthly cost goes away! Then they will pocket the full $2700 of savings every month moving forward.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

All of these factors combined allowed FoodMart to see an almost 60% savings ($32,900) from what they were paying!

So what are you waiting for? Reach out today to make the easiest decision you'll ever face!

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